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What is Influencer Marketing?

Some people have a unique talent when it comes to raising awareness for causes, events, or products.  Their skills are highly sought after and are hard to find in potential employees.  Quipet takes out all the work of finding those people and provides you with a marketplace of readly accesable influencers ready to talk about your brand on all of their social media channels.  Reaching new audiences has never been so easy!

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Gain more followers on any social media with a Quipet sponsored shout out from an influencer who has 1,000 subscribers or 1,000,000


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Do you publish content regularly and need to boost your subscriber list?  Hire an influencer to give their audience a person recomendation to give your content credability.


Sell More Products

Getting your new product or service out to the general public can be tricky sometimes.  Using a Quipet Influencer to talk about your release will get more eyes on your product faster.

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What is Quipet

We are an online marketplace dedicated to connecting influencers with businesses and brands to help growth and conversions.

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