"No man ever steps in the same river twice" -Heraclitus

Why Choose Us?

The traditional legal system is broken. It does not fit with what you and your business needs. Everything is changing at a furious pace. It was not that long ago that when the business world was absent smart phones and employees, customers and business associates did not have instant access to us. It was not that long ago that international business was reserved for the mega-businesses. And it was not that long ago that you and your business were just looking to survive.

Here is what you are working with right now: You "have an attorney". He is a good guy and is a partner at a big firm. You call him up now and again when you have an issue you think he can help you out with. He starts the clock gives you what you need. You get a bill. You pay the bill because that is the cost of doing business, right? Wrong. There is a better way. 

The Business Law Group offers exclusive clients the opportunity to receive concierge legal services. This not only allows our clients to protect the core business but focus on the future of that business. Why wait until you know you have a problem to contact your attorney? Why waste your time trying to "play" the role of an attorney? And why work with the inflexible and bureaucratic style of a traditional law firm? 


Trusted Adviser

In a rapidly changing world where technology is changing constantly, where are so many rules that you have to follow, business opportunities are flying around rapidly and everyone is so eager to threaten to take you to court over the tiniest things, you need a trusted counselor in you corner. And that counsel needs to be there when you need them and how you need them.



Through your experience, you have come to realize that your time is vital. You can always make more money or fix mistakes but you cannot get back time. Concierge legal services are specifically set to not only protect your most precious resource but allow you to be more efficient with it. Not only do you take time consuming tasks off your plate but you legal team saves you time with little conveniences like making "house calls."



Your business, your goals and your success is unique. The solutions that worked for your neighbors likely need to be modified to work for you. By providing you with a customized legal plan (because one size does not fit everyone) you are able to take your business and future in the direction that you want to. Your vision becomes your legal team's vision.

The Fine Print

‚ÄčThese concierge legal services are not a fit with most business owners. We vet everyone thoroughly before we engage to ensure that they meet the qualifications. We limit the number of clients we take on to ensure that we are able to provide the exclusive benefits to our concierge clients.

There is no standard checklist that will let you know if you are a fit. Most clients that show an interest in these concierge services are either looking to aggressively grow their business with an exit strategy in mind or they are looking to develop a legacy that will last well beyond their lifetime. You can find out more information about if you are a candidate for concierge legal services by clicking on your business goal below.

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