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Take Your Business To The Next Level

It has been said that at this time it is easier than ever to start a business. This statement is a false. While technology and accepted norms have allowed more and more individuals to go to work for themselves, the facts show that an overwhelming majority of these individuals are nothing more than independent contractors. They are more interested in their next contract than in developing a business. That is why you are different. You know the truth. Growing your business is not easy.


Let's cut to chase. Your business goals are different than almost every other business out there. While they are worried about payroll and which chamber of commerce events to attend, you are thinking about developing new markets, how to acquire talented employees and how to get your business from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow. You are growth oriented and you do not set small goals and hope to achieve them. You set big, audacious goals and you know you are going to achieve them.

Common goals of a growth oriented business owner:
You want to own more than one successful business
You want to grow your bottom line and you know that might mean taking on risk
You want to sell your business for a monster multiple
You want to mitigate risk to ensure you you are not susceptible to catastrophe
You want to work with sophisticated investors and savvy partners
Those goals listed above are generic for the most part. Your goals may be more specific like to increase your revenue from $5 Million to $10 Million in the next 3 years or to franchise your business by the end of this year. You may already be to the point where you are looking to put together an exit plan that will ensure to maximize the payout you receive.

Whatever goals you have for your business, we know they are not small and they are not easy to accomplish.

Our concierge services are a perfect fit for the growth oriented business owner.

If you are expanding you organization, corporate structure and organization can be a useful tool. Having your own attorney that attends to this, leaves you the ability to focus on more important tasks.

Risk is inherent in business. There is always potential for failures to occur or disputes to arise. If you see ways to exponentially grow your business but it means taking on more risk, your attorney will be someone you can lean on to balance the risk and the reward. At the same time, your attorney will be able to organize and plan in a way that will allow you to mitigate potential losses if issues arise.

As you grow, you will begin to develop relationships with influential individuals. You may even already have business relationships with these types of "movers and shakers". These types of people are generally well seasoned in business and almost always represented by their own attorney. You should have your own counsel too.

Selling a business is common among growth oriented business owners. These events are usually stepping stones to bigger things. That means you want to get a truly advantageous deal. Your attorney will not only know what attributes your business needs to get the biggest multiple possible but also how to assist in negotiating and closing the deal.

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The Art Of Moving Fast.

"The Three S's of winning in business are speed, simplicity and self-confidence" - Jack Welch


You have a nose for opportunity and you can see angles that others don't. This puts you in a position to make more money, capitalize on potential investments or grow your business. But at the same time, you know these opportunities are not going to be around forever and you need to move quickly and efficiently to make the most of them.

Under the current system that you operate when working with legal counsel, when an opportunity arises, you call your attorney. You probably get your attorney's assistant who takes a message. Your attorney eventually gets back to you and wants to set up a meeting at your attorney's office. In this meeting you need to bring your attorney up to speed on the potential deal and the details surrounding it. After all of this and throughout the subsequent representation, your attorney is constantly advising you on everything that is wrong with the deal and what he needs to do so that you are protected. In the end, even if the deal closes and is successful or not, is this efficient? Is it cost effective? Is this the speed you want your business moving at?

There is a reason why big businesses have legal departments and general counsel. While there is a cost savings element to bringing legal inside the business, having your counsel down the hall, on demand, up to speed on the current state of the business and with the same goals and vision as the CEO, means opportunities are not missed and those big businesses can move fast. You and your business should be able to enjoy the same benefits and that is what a concierge attorney can provide.

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