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About Awesome Blossoms

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.
- Author Unknown

Awesome Blossoms began in much the same way as all flowers do. It was a small seed, buried deep, seemingly forgotten as the roots spread out in silent preparation. Then, as if it were suddenly, a tiny green shoot burst forth, grew, and blossomed.

The small seed was a single line on the Bucket List of Heather Conner: 

“Deliver flowers on Valentine’s Day”  

Heather had a wonderful life filled with a successful corporate career, supportive community, and a loving family - but something seemed missing. She didn’t realize that feeling was actually the sensation of the seed taking root.

A phone call to a random flower shop allowed Heather to cross off her Bucket List item. But after a day spent delivering flowers and witnessing the looks of “aww” and joy light up the recipient's faces, Heather was able to identify what it was she was missing. In her world of technology, crammed schedules, and pressing deadlines, she was missing creative freedom, a generous spirit, and most importantly Human Connection.

As the seed opened up, the roots took hold, and the tiny green shoot pushed its way out of obscurity, Heather gave the small dream the water and sunshine it needed to grow. She mentored under several florists in the greater Charlotte area and attended the New York Institute of Art and Design. Each day she saw the little shoot grow, tiny leaves unfurl. Heather became more fulfilled; her professional and personal relationships both deepening and flourishing.

The shoot grew and strengthened, the leaves broadened, the bud appeared and then opened! And out burst Awesome Blossoms, a unique floral studio centered on the belief that flowers are best used to show appreciation not obligation.

Heather firmly believes that people who are appreciated will go above and beyond all expectation - and that in a world of texts, emails, and emoticons, flowers are a gold standard token of appreciation. She may have left Corporate America in order to reclaim her life - but only with the mission to help deliver life back into it - one fragrant display of appreciation at a time.

Partner with us in restoring the Human Connection in a thankless, stressful business world. Allow us to help you in showing appreciation for those in your spheres. You never know what small gesture will be a seed of its own.

Awesome Blossoms- putting the AWW back in EVERY arrangement.