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Anti-Aging Facial – Mask – Reflexology – $75
This Spa Session is perfect for relaxation, stress release, and to rid of our daily emotions we store. Your therapist uses uplifting massage techniques along with an added facial mask to define, lift, correct, and clear your facial muscles. Your therapists will discuss the different facial mask that will benefit you the most. Reflexology is applied to facial reflex point that can release your sinuses, TMJ pain, eye fatigue and much more.

Bellanina Facelift Massage – $85
This unique session combines spa and massage techniques! Your Massage Therapist will apply a relaxing massage-based treatment to your face that is completely natural and non-invasive. This session is a perfect anti-aging facial and replenishes, tones, and rejuvenates your face!

Japanese Zen Facial Massage – $78
Japanese Facial Massage is a unique method that blends the aesthetic and physiological to take years off the skin and face! This session increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the face, toning, tightening the skin and fascia, lymphatic drainage, detoxification of the skin and internal organs, emotional cleansing and more.

Mini-Facial Massage – $68
This unique session include massage therapy to release stress and tension along with gentle exfoliation and hydration that will cleanse and remove debris from your face. Just ask our Licensed Massage Therapists about this session and they can discuss which product would be best to use for your facial.



Breathwork for Wellness – 60 min – $65
Have you been noticing an increase in anxiety? Weight gain? Sleepless nights? This can be a result of how you are breathing – or how you are NOT breathing. This session incorporates thoracic, shoulder, neck and intercostals muscle massage as well as breathe work and relaxation pattern to promote Prana. Your Licensed Massage Therapist work with you to restore your breathing patterns and clear the body of harmful hormone levels and stress response chemistry.

Somatic Session – $45
Our somatic session concentrates on extending the healing properties of somatic relief in unison with the massage you receive. This session is only scheduled upon the recommendation of your Licensed Massage Therapist will book the session for you. This session can be helpful to those experiencing very high levels of stress, clients that find it hard to relax and those that are not holding the healing properties of their massage. 


Spa Sessions

Create Your Own Bliss – $180
This session is as unique as they come! You can speak with your Licensed Massage Therapist to choose a list of services such as scalp massage, foot and facial reflexology, neck, shoulder and occipital releases and even Chakra balancing. Each session is customizes to your preferences of massage, aromatherapy and spa applications.

Timeless – $175
Get lost in time as balance is brought back to your body and mind during this spa session. This spa session includes your choice of body polish ( Milk & Honey or Liquid Salt), amino-based gel to enhance hydrating properties, essential oils, and a massage that uses several healing techniques. This spa session also includes our anti-aging facial mask, face reflexology, and a scalp massage. This session is perfect for those who are looking to relax and to bring a new sense of rejuvenation into their life. 


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